Silent Hero Stories Photo

Silent Hero Stories

Leadership 2021

Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services Deputy Chief Zach Botkin, recipient of the 2021 Silent Hero Award for Leadership.

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Teamwork 2021

Atlanta Fire Rescue Department: Captain Chip Newell; Captain Justin Pedrazzi; Sgt. Terry C. Moss; Firefighter Adam P. Bolas; Firefighter Carlos L. Hargrove; Firefighter Andrew Taylor:…

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Heroism 2021

Firefighter Megan Ball(not pictured); Sgt. Adam Joiner; Lt. Lars Kurh; Sgt. Timothy Powell: Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services. Recipient of the 2021 Heroism Award…

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Community & Education 2021

Lt. Garrett Brubaker, LaGrange Fire Department, recipient of Education and Community Award at the 2021 Silent Hero Awards

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