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Silent Hero Awards

The Ronnie Thames Foundation recognizes firefighters who make a difference in metro Atlanta communities through their commitment, dedication and community spirit. Fire departments or communities nominate a firefighter (or team or department) in one of four categories: Leadership, Heroism, Education/Community and Teamwork. Winners are selected by a group of involved and professional citizens and winners are announced at the dinner and awards ceremony. All nominees and their guests are invited to be our guests for the evening.

Download ‘Silent Heroes’ by Ian Christopher Anderson

Safety Ambassador Program

Our community based fire safety awareness program uses both local schools and fire departments to help teach 1st through 3rd grade students about burn and fire prevention. If you are interested in setting up an assembly or community event for burn and/or fire protection, please complete the form.

Save a Life Blitz

The Ronnie Thames Foundation partners with City of Atlanta Fire & Rescue on the neighborhood initiative called Save-A-Life-Blitz, in which we go door-to-door in high-risk neighborhoods or communities that have just experienced a fire to educate the neighborhood, HANDS ON. Foundation trustees accompanied the fire department on visits to over 450 homes in these neighborhoods, installed smoke detectors, provided over 1500 FireAde 16 oz. extinguishers and educated households with an escape plan and other safety tips. Conservatively, over $100 Million Dollars in property value alone is better protected because of these efforts. This does not include things that are priceless, like peace of mind or family pictures or even more tragically, a loss of life. Our 2021 plans include expanding this program into other communities with other fire departments and organizations.

The Soaring To Greater Heights Scholarship

In honor of City of Atlanta Fire Department employee Joshua Stukes, who lost his life while coming to the aid of a vehicle accident. Joshua Stukes was committed to safety education and community service. The Soaring To Greater Heights Scholarship was created to aid firefighters committed to continuing education and service to the community.