Captain Ron Reagan with the Henry County Fire Department is deserving of the 2018 Silent Hero Award for his exemplary leadership. He displays what a true leader should be through his actions every single day. He leads by example and sets the pace within his division. He performs his duties along with many other tasks assigned to him and never wavers. Whether it is teaching, performing a special detail, or helping others outside of work, he is the one that everyone knows they can count on. He makes many personal sacrifices for the love of his department and fellow brothers and sisters and asks for nothing in return. He is the go to person within the department for any questions or needs whether work or personal related. He is a very kind, caring, and compassionate individual that truly cares for everyone as a person and is always available. He continually earns the respect of his colleagues through his actions every day and is always seen as a great leader within the department, he is truly a silent hero.

Captain Ron Reagan, Henry County Fire Department

Leadership 2018