View More: leader is one who establishes clear direction, sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly. He provides the information, knowledge or methods to realize that vision and coordinates and balances the interests of all members. A leader steps up in times of crisis and is able to think and act creatively.

This nominee began his career as a volunteer firefighter while a junior in high school. After he graduated he joined the fire department and has served his community for nearly 30 years.
His dedication is public service and his team are his most valuable assets and extends beyond his involvement while on duty.

He is an out of the box thinker and problem solver. He developed a mentorship program within his department and created a resource guide to help direct newly promoted officers.

He continues to seek personal and professional growth and earned his Bachelor’s Degree to as part of that process. Having recently achieved the NPQ Fire Officer IV level of certification, he is a “go to” guy for other firefighters and serves as a role model for many. He is a Boy Scout Assistant Scoutmaster and teaches merit badge training in Fire Safety, Personal Management, Search and Rescue and Preparedness. He helps to mold our youth and future leaders. He is committed to improving the quality of leadership in his department and community.

The 2016 Leadership Award goes to Captain Bryan Blair – Fayette County Fire and Emergency Services.